Thursday, March 5, 2009

Missing New Mexico

This was an older painting that I got stuck on earlier.  It sat on a shelf waiting for  a finish.  I had to scrape it several times while I was reworking parts of it.  Now I know why so many artist have the scraping as part of their regular process.  I really like the way it can reveal the under layers creating so much depth.  I am going to keep this in my bag of tricks too.

Just For Fun 10X8

Ok this might need some explaining.  After a few days in the studio that were just not fun.    I needed to free myself up some, so I pulled out some old canvases that were heading to the trash pile.  I decided to see if I could come up with a new image using parts of the left over image.   I like limitations as it gives me something to go on.  I also had to use up my  left over paint on my pallet. Somehow my limitations encouraged me to take more chances and follow my intuitive side as oppose to my analytical side.  I really like this painting because I got to paint without my thinker getting in the way  while at the same time  letting loose the kid  inside me who really likes to paint!    It ended up being a really fun experiment and I think I painted better the rest of the day after having done this.  I am going to keep this painting around as I think it is a good reminder of how fun painting can be.  

Carbondale Red Rocks 10X10

I am not sure if the color on this came out true or not but it is close.  Might have to take it again tomorrow.   I did this piece from a photograph I had taken a few years ago in Colorado. Makes me want to head that way again!  This was a fun piece to do as I got to play with my direction of strokes and get lost in the wonderful colors.