Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Texas Fields (8x6 oil on panel)

A few weeks ago I got to tour the Texas Hill Country for a week with my husband and a bunch of BMW Vintage Car Club members. It was an incredible trip and words can not come near to describing the beauty I saw there. I am still figure trying to figure out how to come close to the color of the bluebonnets. This painting has some glare and the photo does not do the painting justice. It looks a little washed out in this photo. Maybe I will get a better picture and try another post later.

Monday, April 26, 2010

Somewhere Soon (30X24 oil on canvas)

This image came to me after prepping my canvas with a wash of indian red. Reading an image that the wash brought to my mind, I decided to go with the flow and just let the landscape happen and feel my way through it. I enjoyed the process and the outcome as well. There are some corrections that I thought about making with this piece but I decided to banish the inner critic and reward the inner guide that I listened to all along while painting this piece.