Monday, February 9, 2009

Scottish Countryside

This is a 12x6 oil that was inspired by a dear friends photograph from her trip to Scotland.  The photo was taken around West Kilbride.  I have been studying my  Van Gogh books to emulate his wonderful strokes of wheat.  I hope to do more of this series also, so check back for some more Van Gogh inspirations. 


  1. You do very beautiful work! I love your nice thick paint application and wonderful colors.

  2. If you're going to be inspired, Van Gogh is a great choice! This has a beautiful, lyrical quality to it.

  3. Thanks for so much support guys. Edward you posted my first comment from a complete stranger, this means alot! I am in LA right now visiting family. I brought my sketch book and watercolors, hope I capture some of this wonderful scenery for some future paintings. This California life is pretty amazing.