Tuesday, June 1, 2010

More of Texas Hill Country Willow Loop

After taking many photos while touring the Texas Hill Country this spring, I have yet exhausted myself of painting versions of this photo. It could not get more inspiring than this unless I was there in person again and then I would probably just be too in awe to paint it! So I have taken away many memories and hope to revisit again next spring.

Here are several of my paintings I did from this photo. The first two are oil on panel coated with absorbent ground. The ground makes the oil absorb more into the canvas leaving a matt finish. The last one is an encaustic print on rice paper. It was my first print of this image but I will do more this week and make some adjustments along the way.

Willow Loop 1 6x6 oil on panel Willow Loop 2 10x8 oil on panel

Encaustic Print on Rice Paper 16x22

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  1. Oh! Diane! These are so dreamy! Love it, love it! These are stunning landscapes! I hope that you will stay with this direction for awhile! I just love the colors, mood, composition, everything!